Gordonville Property
Williams Rd, Gordonville, TX 76245
Price: $79,000
Presented by The Neel Group
Glenda: (214)801-1696    Joe: (214)773-2246
Fathom Realty
Property Details

Williams Rd, Gordonville, TX 76245
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Property Description/Comments
    This property fronts Williams Rd. There is an unfinished building on the property. It is one room and stubbed for plumbing and electric. Cute place for the weekend with porch and 2 car carport. Williams is a gravel road. Approximately 3 miles from a Lake Texoma Marina.
Property Features
    Year built: 2008; Lot size: 11.4

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Fathom Realty
6951 Virginia Pkwy #100 • McKinney, TX 75071
Glenda: (214)801-1696 • Joe: (214)773-2246

Gordonville Gordonville

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